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Fall Session of New Volunteer Training begins
Tuesday, October 10, 5:00 pm

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Darmita and Kaden: A Forever Family

Young Kaden’s future looked incredibly bleak. After being removed from his parents due to neglect, Kaden was placed in foster care. In just one year, he was moved four different times, from one foster home to the next. Because of this ongoing trauma, he began exhibiting challenging behaviors that became difficult to manage. That’s when he found himself in a psychiatric hospital, with the foster care agency taking the drastic step of requesting institutional placement.

Volunteer Spotlight: Rick and Linda Gillett

When you think of spending quality time with your spouse, you may think of vacations, date nights, or quiet dinners at home. To Rick and Linda Gillett, quality time over the past few years has been spent advocating for a family of six children in foster care.

Volunteer Spotlight: Antoinette Knape

When Antoinette Knape’s youngest child went off to college, she looked for a volunteer opportunity that would allow her to make a difference in the community. She decided to become a CASA volunteer, but she couldn’t foresee how indispensable she would be come to the children she serves.

A Decade of Dedication.

After seeing a story in the news about a young boy being abused by his adoptive parents, Sigrid Valk-Feeney turned her outrage into a drive to help. She was so upset over that story, that she started searching for an organization that specifically addressed helping kids in the foster care system. That’s when she found CASA.

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