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staffphotos rosemaryallenRosemary Allen

Advocate Supervisor

I became involved in child advocacy following the birth of my son, Sean, in 1965. He experienced significant birth trauma and subsequent brain damage, and I had to become his advocate for services to address his special needs. That made me realize that advocates, whether they be family members or child welfare workers, often have to negotiate an intricate and convoluted maze to get results.

My adventure as Sean’s mother led me to advocate more broadly for others. I have lived in Kent County for most of my life and have been involved as an advocate for children and very involved to promote cultural diversity in Kent County.

My recent years as a CASA Advocate Supervisor have been very rewarding. CASA affords me the opportunity to advocate for individual children and continue my efforts to identify and reduce the barriers to service. I am particularly interested in the children who are aging out of the system and am involved in that arena in many aspects.

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