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sucessstories rachelSuccess Story: Rachel

When Child Protective Services removed Rachel from her home, she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress disorder, anxiety and depression. She was 4 years old.

Rachel’s mother was in jail and her father battled through relapses with drugs, alcohol and violent behavior. As a child in the foster care system, Rachel met new case workers, foster family members and counselors time and time again. For two years, faces would change, names would change and homes would change. As a child, Rachel could hardly master everyone’s name, let alone read their cues or understand the nuances of their behaviors and what they were supposed to mean to her. Then, she met Megan.

Megan, Rachel’s Court Appointed Special Advocate, visited her every Thursday. Megan became Rachel’s constant—a beacon of hope and shining light in her life. As a CASA Volunteer, Megan ensured Rachel’s wants and needs were heard and met.

Megan learned that Rachel felt most comfortable calling her foster parents “Mom” and “Dad,” and that these were the people she thought of when asked who made her feel most important. Rachel repeatedly told Megan that she wished she could stay with these foster parents, and Megan knew it was her responsibility to communicate these wishes to the court. During the court hearing where a decision was going to be made about Rachel’s future, Megan was called to testify. As Rachel’s voice in court, Megan testified that the court should allow Rachel to be adopted by the foster parents she called Mom and Dad. The court agreed.  

After two years of nightmares with someone chasing her and nowhere to run, Rachel finally had a place to call her own—and a family to give her the safe, permanent and loving home of her dreams.

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