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sucessstories randallchildrenSuccess Story: Randall Children

The six Randall siblings, young children who were removed from their mother’s care due to abuse and neglect, were eventually placed with the Morgan family. The Morgan’s home included two adult biological children and a total of 13 children adopted from foster care. The Morgans’ local community had named them “Adoptive Parents of the Year” for their willingness to provide a home for foster children. It would be years before a teacher learned that the adopted children were being sexually abused, tortured, and starved while in the Morgans’ care.

The Randall children were assigned their CASA, Kate, during the month-long jury trial that ensued against the Morgans, who eventually relinquished their rights to the adopted children. The four youngest siblings were sent to different adoptive homes, severing their ties to one another. Marcus and Shawna, ages 10 and 8, were sent to residential care.

Kate would spend the next decade of her life and then some advocating for the needs of Marcus and Shawna, far outlasting her assignment as their official CASA. Kate would ensure that the Randall siblings saw one another, giving them some measure of consistency in their young lives. Kate took Shawna shopping for her prom dress and found her a voice coach when Shawna shared her dream of becoming a singer. She advocated for Marcus to be treated as a child, not a criminal, while he was in residential care. It was Kate who provided comfort and patience to Shawna and Marcus when they asked her why no one would adopt them when all they ever wished for was a loving family.

When Kate took this assignment, she never imagined the Randall children would become such an important part of her life. Kate says her only regret is that CASA wasn’t assigned to these children long before they ever reached the Morgans’ home.

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