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Darmita and KadenDarmita and Kaden: A Forever Family

Young Kaden’s future looked incredibly bleak. After being removed from his parents due to neglect, Kaden was placed in foster care. In just one year, he was moved four different times, from one foster home to the next. Because of this ongoing trauma, he began exhibiting challenging behaviors that became difficult to manage. That’s when he found himself in a psychiatric hospital, with the foster care agency taking the drastic step of requesting institutional placement.

Kaden was only five years old.

The state denied the request, and his agency made one last attempt to find Kaden a foster placement. They called an experienced foster care mom with the hopes she would said yes to Kaden.

Darmita was hesitant and nervous about saying yes to accepting placement of this young boy. Kaden was nearly the same age as her biological son and she worried about the extreme behaviors reported to her about the child. Darmita prayed about the situation. She met with Kaden while he was hospitalized. She prayed about it again. Finally she decided to accept the placement. She accepted Kaden and his team of professionals, including CASA Volunteer Diane, into her life.

According to Diane, “It seemed like he was always meant to be part of her family. She loved him right away. She was ‘mom’ from the very first day. There was never a transition from ‘foster mom’ to ‘mom’.” Darmita describes it differently. “It didn’t always feel so easy.”

When doubting her ability to parent Kaden and meet his extensive needs, Diane pointed out the most important thing, telling Darmita, “You’re already doing it.”

“She helped open my eyes to the possibility that maybe I’m not just called to be a foster mom. Maybe I was the mom he needed,” Darmita says. Adopting Kaden wasn’t Darmita’s focus from the beginning. She had fostered more than 30 children, and adoption had never crossed her mind. But Diane served as their guardian angel.

When Kaden’s adoption was finalized in December, Diane was on hand to celebrate the occasion.

In this child’s short life, filled with hardship to start and then moved from family to family, case worker to case worker (four in total), Diane was able to provide consistency for Kaden, and later for Darmita. In cases where returning a child to a parent isn’t possible, you always hope for a foster and adoptive parent like Darmita. According to Diane, “She’s the magic in all of this.”

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