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SigridValkFeeneyA Decade of Dedication.

After seeing a story in the news about a young boy being abused by his adoptive parents, Sigrid Valk-Feeney turned her outrage into a drive to help. She was so upset over that story, that she started searching for an organization that specifically addressed helping kids in the foster care system. That’s when she found CASA.

Initially wanting to become a volunteer advocate, Sigrid and then-executive director Julie Maurer soon realized the way she could help best was as a member of the board. Thus began her ten years of dedicated service to CASA, not only as a Board Member but as a Board President, member of the Executive Committee and on the Donor Development Committee. Having recently accepted a job out of state, Sigrid has left our Board, and we thank her for all the time and energy she has invested in helping grow CASA of Kent County into one of the most successful court appointed special advocate programs in the state.

To Sigrid, those who volunteer to work directly with the children are the life blood of the organization. “Our CASA Volunteers do not have an easy job,” she says. “It takes a special person to be able to connect with their CASA child and advocate in their best interest in court. CASA Volunteers have to be caring souls but also objective individuals. A CASA is truly working within the system to secure a loving and caring home for the child, which can be heart wrenching. Without a CASA Volunteer, a child may not have their voice heard.”  

She also takes great pride in the CASA Board of Directors. “They are compassionate and caring people committed to the cause,” she says. “I have been honored to be part of CASA.”

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